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Join the next course and become a GroupMap™ Certified Digital Facilitator.

The course fee for this training and certification program in the amount of USD 650$ includes a 50$ certification fee that will be deducted in case you decide not to be assessed.

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Who should attend

Job Functions:

SME's CEOs, Directors, Executive or Project Managers need to host regular team meetings and want to improve decision-making and task ownership.

Consultants, Facilitators and Agile Coaches need to host purposeful meetings or workshops (virtual or face-to-face) and want to improve and add value in their service delivery.

Event planners and Project Managers must brainstorm at the start of any project to gain a more diverse set of perspectives for the value creation of their events, products or services.

Financial and Insurance Analysts, Detectives and Criminologists, Social Workers and Psychologists need to conduct in-depth assessments with multi-stakeholders for gaining better insights on potential risks and crime scene evaluation.

Marketing and Social researchers need to gain an in-depth understanding of people's perception in focused group interviews with instant reporting.

Organisation Types:

Multi-national and geographically dispersed teams in large organizations.

Small or medium-sized enterprises.

Governmental agencies.

Academic institutions.

Non-profit organisations.


Course format

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This 4-day interactive training course will provide a balanced learning experience of both theoretical Facilitation and Adult Learning knowledge combined with GroupMap™ practice.

Participants will experience individual exercises and group learning activities.

Case studies and examples of practical cases will be provided to reinforce the acquired learning.

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Course Accreditation

This GroupMap accredited course focuses on delivering knowledge and skills that combine facilitation skills with a powerful digital platform for group problem solving and decision-making.

Participants who successfully complete this course will be awarded the GroupMapCertified Digital Facilitator  certification and will be listed on GroupMapwebsite's directory.

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Our team

Jeremy lu

Jeremy Lu, CPA


Jeremy is a CPA, Masters (Ed), former lecturer at Curtin University and builds tools for team collaboration. He has worked in the Education, Health, Information Technology, Not for Profit and Consulting industries and enjoys helping people think, work, learn and achieve together.

Peter Seah

Peter Seah, CPF


Peter has more than 30 years in management and leadership positions and is adept of curating and deploying a variety of tools and methods for improving team effectiveness. He is an IAF - International Association of Facilitators Certified Professional and Assessor and  Master NPL since 2006. 

Paul Nunesdea-1

Paul Nunesdea, CPF, PhD


Paul Nunesdea is the English author name of Paulo Nunes de Abreu a Certified Professional Facilitator and author of  "Architecting Collaboration" a book series on group facilitation and his LinkedIn profile can be reached here, or in Spanish here, or in Portuguese here, with more +5,100 followers on LinkedIn that recognize him as a trusted voice on digital tools for virtual collaboration.

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